Preventing Osteoporosis

Bones play a very important role in our our bodies. First of all, they support our physiques giving it structure. The spinal cord for example is responsible for our stance. Bones also play a major role as far as movement is involved. Our hands and feet are all made up of groups of bones which work together to facilitate locomotion. Bones also supply protection for inside organs. A good example is the ribcage which protects the lungs or the cranium that offers protection for the brain. Bones are also known to act as reservoirs for calcium.

The genetic potential for bone density is called peak bone mass. This simply refers to total skeletal mass one is expected to have when the body is at its peak and for most men and ladies this occurs at around age twenty. As humans age, there is typically a decline in bone mass and this generally makes them susceptible to Osteoporosis. This is one of the reasons why it is very important for one to understand their full peak bone mass then try to preserve it While they are still youthful people today who have high bone masses when they are young are most likely to have higher bone lots in their later stages of life.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weakened and fragile making them susceptible to fractures. It is characterized by low bone mass and decline in bone tissue thus making the bones porous. This condition can affect both men and girls though it is known to have an impact on ladies more. It mainly has an impact on people today who have inadequate calcium in their diet, have small body weight, aging men and females today, and the physically inactive and females who are in the post menopause period.

Prevention is said to be better than cure and this applies to osteoporosis too. There are different ways in which it can be steer clear of. Diet plays an important role as far as having healthy bones are involved. Calcium is a major constituent of strong bones and thus it is advisable to eat food that is rich in calcium. Examples of calcium sources include dairy merchandise like milk, butter, yoghurt and cheese, dark green vegetables like broccoli, nuts and calcium fortified foods like cereal, bread, soy beverages and tofu products. It is also advised to compliment the calcium intake with vitamin D. alcohol, caffeine and salt should to be reduced because they make one vulnerable.

Regular working out is also a good way to preserve strong bones. It reduces the chances of falling down due to weakness and also strengthens the muscles which support the bones during movement. One is suggested to try and physical exercise on a regular regimen and in this case weightbearing training is the most effective type of exercise.
Smoking is also known to lead to this condition and is thus a habit which should to be discouraged if one intends to keep away from falling victim. This is because smoking is known to accelerate bone loss.
Bone wellness is a thing that we should to take very seriously thinking of the major role the bones play in our physiques. The above are just few of the points we need to do to ensure we have strong bones.